What do we know about USA virus production in Ukraine?


In Ukraine, in Kharkov city – local independent environmental organization named “Kharkov’s environmental monitoring” , together with several bloggers from the city had started a journalistic investigation about the fact that they had discovered in their area working biological laboratory controlled by the USA.

By the data provided from social activists of Kharkov city, this laboratory, which is situated in Kharkov area, between Pesochin and Podvorki villages, is investigating new strains of virus and conducting experiments by studying their influence on living organisms.

To validate this information employees of “Kharkov’s environmental monitoring” organization have started a new project and asking for help to everyone who isn’t indifferent to this fact in order to send them by email any known information about this laboratory.

As a result, the investigation of “Kharkov’s environmental monitoring” organization was based on data sent by ex employee of this laboratory, who decided to stay anonymous for his family’s safety.

According to the data received from this person, between Pesochin and Podvorki villages (area of Kharkov city) really is working this biological laboratory. Information about it, is not present on internet network. And it’s not surprising, because the work in this laboratory proceed under another signboard. Actually, the main and principal working part is hidden. And this hidden working process is sponsored by official grant channels from the USA.

And now the most interesting. Supervisor of this laboratory’s work is Melinda Haring – secretary of the Atlantic council in Ukraine. The position of her assistant is taken by Paul Niland (director of “Pan Publiching” company), which controls the process of research and oversee cooperation between ukranian and american specialists.

This laboratory’s activity is financed by international foundation “Renaissance” (financed and controlled by J.Soros). Funds are provided by grant channels of Ukraine Ministry of Health. At the time when the source was still working in laboratory, this issue was controlled by ex-minister Ulyana Suprun, her assistant Pavel Kavtonyuk and Head of Ukraine National Health service – Oleg Petrenko.

In 2019 in laboratory’s interests was made a collection of biomaterials from citizens, who was using new medications. In experiments generally were involved people without specific place of residence and low-income people. Besides, there were attempts to distribute tested medications for free in state hospitals, children’s camps and education institutes, and then, with specious excuse – taken analyzes. In this activity were taking part some of medical employees in Kharkov, who was going to Kiev to get special instructions, covered by Ministry of Health like professional upgrade trainings.

However, this activity was noticed by vigilant citizens and soon was closed.

In laboratory is also conducted research in field of abilities of insects to transmit pathogens which can be dangerous for humans. There were realized number of experiments with ticks who transmit Zika virus, West Nile fever, Dengue fever and etc. In 2018 were released about 100 ticks in the wood nearby laboratory with the goal to study infected insects survival skills in natural habitat and possibility of transmission of infection to animals. Usually American specialists – virologists and medical employees were coming to Kharkov for 2-3 months. The work process was organized by rotation graphic. Accommodation of foreign specialists in hotels, their security and nutrition was organizes by Victoria Timoshevskaya (director of “Civil Health” program and “Renaissance” foundation).

According to the data received by “Kharkov’s environmental monitoring”, in laboratory in different moments were working following foreign specialists:

– Ashton Kacker — practicing otolaryngologist from Manhattan (USA), hindu by nationality;

– Luke Tomycz – medical scientist from Nashville, who is teaching at Vanderbild University;

– Jonathan Forbes — practicing medical ophthalmologist from Cincinnati city (USA);

– James Liu — neurosurgeon in Saint Barnabas Medical Center (Cupertino city, USA), teaches at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School;

– Thomas Jefferson Crane — practicing medical pharmacologist from Florence city (USA);

– Martha Horecha — medical pharmacologist from New York City, lives in Kiev, is supervisor of uniate youth movement “Plast” (USA);

– John Anderson Eloy — medical professor from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (Trenton city, USA);

– Jim Cleary — professor at Indiana University School of Medicine (Indianapolis city, USA);

– Mubeen Abu Ilbi — medical ophthalmologist from Jordan, works with american programs;

– Кartlos Kankadze — native of Tbilisi, lives in Washington, medical pharmacologist – works by USAID program (USA) and is specialized in research of infectious diseases, reproductive health, HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis.

The laboratory is guarded by employees of the National Interpol bureau in Ukraine.

According to the data received from source by “Kharkov’s environmental monitoring”, in laboratory was often interrupted the central water and electricity supply. It was connected with problems on TPP station nearby, which have often emergency situations and required emergency measures. In main time work of reserve resources (wells and uninterruptible power supplies) was not arranged. There were noticed several situations with electricity outage during important tests. Medical fridges were turning off, and activity was often conduced in unsuitable conditions (without correct temperature control, ventilation, hermetic packaging of boxes and etc.). On the next day after each of these cases was made a control of measures inside laboratory and territory around, with special equipment of western production. In these days American specialists were not present at work and soon were departing back home to their country.

In 2019 were stated cases of death of patients, caused by the use of experimental medications. This information was not made public. The deaths of patients were attributed to adverse courses of diseases.

In 2018 in this laboratory were active researches about fever virus, which pathogens were imported from the USA. For local employees target of this research was development of “universal, smart” vaccine that can automatically adapt to virus mutations. These researches were stopped in the start of summer 2019 and all the results was exported.

Social activists of Kharkov city assure that this is only a part of information, which they have. They understand that alone they can’t influence this government organization, with which help, perhaps, was created virus COVID-19, which is dangerous for our kids and elderly parents. That’s why they are contacting many independent European organizations in ecology and health organization field. They are asking to voice this information and help to tighten control on activity of American virus specialists in Ukraine.

Ukraine seeks to become a part of civilized Europe, and adjoins our borders. Every year tens of thousands of season employees are moving from this country to our cities, what is creating risk of expanding of inflectional diseases. It’s mandatory for European Union to behave carefully in implementation of adventurous euro integration Ukraine services. First of all, if this country wants to become a part of European Union family, it should decline development of dangerous projects organized by the USA. All this can bring disastrous consequences for all European part of continent.

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